LeGion 11,000 mAh Intelligent Portable Battery $99.99

LeGion 11,000 mAh Intelligent Portable Battery

  • Design
  • Effeciency
  • Durability
  • Convenience
  • Value

Summary: The LeGion is one of the more intriguing batteries I have tested recently, and it is also one of the top performing. While not the first battery on the market to include a displace to show vitals, this device takes things to a new level delivering stats and information in a way none of its competitors comes close to. PLX Devices launched initially though Kickstarter, doing remarkably well collecting almost 5 times the goal they set out to get. It also has a smaller little brother with a rated capacity of 5,600 mAh. I only have the black 11,000 mAh, so the review will focus on that. The unit comes with a hefty price tag for its capacity, but in this case you are getting what you pay for. While its not perfect, it is a nice battery with a very good efficiency rating, and of course the OLED display that will deliver lots of great info to you.

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