TYLT Energi 5K+ $89.99

TYLT Energi 5K+

  • Design
  • Effeciency
  • Durability
  • Convenience
  • Value

TYLT Keeps its reputation going with the Energi 5K+. This  Power Bank achieves overall high performance testing scores while still being a useful and portable all-in-one charger. The Energi 5K+ comes with 2 built in cables giving you both Micro USB and Lightning connections at all times, this is the main difference and advantage over the TYLT Energi 5K, which only has a single built in Micro USB cable.

As with most premium portable batteries you are going to drop a bit more money into it, but you are getting a high quality product and with its built in cables, its truly a flexible well rounded device. While i think the retail price is a bit steep, if you are able to get this on sale, I’m sure this device will serve your short term charging needs for years to come.

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