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Zettaly PowerX

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Summary: The Zettaly PowerX (Formerly ThinkPower) is a new Kickstarter born battery pack with a different take on portable power. There are already hundreds or different models thousands of units on the market today and most of them share one common thing, they are almost all USB based. They charge devices over USB cable and the unit itself is charged over USB. Zettaly has taken a different look at the portable battery. Providing a common sized 10,000 mAh unit but instead of focusing on fancy displays or super high capacity, here the focus is on charging fast.  The device was originally named ThinkPower to pay homage to the popular ThinkPad brand laptops it shares a charger with, but they ultimately renamed the product to PowerX it in order to avoid a potential trademark dispute with Lenovo. On Their Kickstarter campaign page they state the have a good existing relationship with Lenovo, so i can see where this decision makes sense. As alluded to, this battery is designed to be charged from the high power 45W and greater Lenovo brand chargers. What this does, is allow this unit to be charged from 0% to 100% in roughly 90 minutes. The same sized battery being charged with a high powered USB cable would easily take half a day to charge (10-15 hours). In some cases my unit was charged in under 90 minutes. This is truly wonderful for those ThinkPad users that want to carry a portable battery. you will never go without a charge. During the Kickstarter campaign Zettaly provided me with a pre-production unit to do my testing with and and I found that the rapid charge claims are spot on.  The overall output of the battery is about average for this type, hopefully the final units will be tuned a but more. I will cover all of the details after the break. At the time of this writing the PowerX battery is still trying to raise funding on the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter in order to bring this unit to market,  and i for one hope it is successful.

Kickstarter campaign page: http://kck.st/XAQPck
Company Home page: http://www.zettaly.com/

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