Review Disclaimer

The product in this review was supplied to Powered Reviews at no charge for the purpose of conducting independent 3rd party testing and public review. When companies choose to offer products to Powered Reviews for independent testing they do so of their own desire for independent testing, and fully understand that Powered Review will subject the test unit to the same standardized testing used for all similar products.

For batteries this includes the series of testing laid out in our test procedures page.

For cables or some electronics it means the product will be subjected to scientific testing using measurable output and results that can be reproduced and best simulate real world use or findings.

For other consumer electronics the review may be based on usage and functionality, these tests cant be held to the same scientific rigor of a battery or cable test, but we vow that our testing and reviews are never swayed because the products was supplied to us for free.

Powered Reviews never accepts compensation for reviews to have the review written in their favor or to have the test results adjusted altered.

All reviews and testing are conducting to our own high standards and the reviews are driven to educated consumers about the facts and real world expectations of the products we review.