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TYLT Energi 5K+

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TYLT Keeps its reputation going with the Energi 5K+. This  Power Bank achieves overall high performance testing scores while still being a useful and portable all-in-one charger. The Energi 5K+ comes with 2 built in cables giving you both Micro USB and Lightning connections at all times, this is the main difference and advantage over the TYLT Energi 5K, which only has a single built in Micro USB cable.

As with most premium portable batteries you are going to drop a bit more money into it, but you are getting a high quality product and with its built in cables, its truly a flexible well rounded device. While i think the retail price is a bit steep, if you are able to get this on sale, I’m sure this device will serve your short term charging needs for years to come.

Product Details
Battery Model: IP5ENERGI52RD-T
Rated Capacity: 5,200 mAh
Output ports: 3 (1A)
Input Port: 1 (1A)

Battery Features:

Ports: The battery has a total of 3 ports but unlike many portable batteries this one includes 2 built in cables that provideIP5ENERGI52RD-T output through both Micro USB and Apples Lightning connector. Its also worth noting that the devices s MFi certified so it will not cause any issues and work as expected with all Apple devices that use the lightning connector.

The Micro USB and Lightning cables wrap around the outside of the device and snap in place when not being used. When out they will provide a steady supply of 5v /1A power to your devices. This means it will be perfectly suited for all smaller mobile devices, but will lack a bit on power if you need to charge larger tablets.

The third port, also rated for 5v/1A is a standard USB plug allowing you to use your own cable to charge an additional device, use a longer cable or whatever else you may need.

In my testing i found no notable difference when charging a micro USB device through the built in cable or using a third party cable. However, there are many cables on the market that are sub par, and may not deliver a full 1A of current to your device. So unless you are using the original cable with your device, your a cable you know is good, you will be well off to use the built-in cable as it shows no degradation in charging speed.


On the input side it is only rated at 1A, instead of 2A, but with a total capacity of only 5,200 mA this shouldn’t not cause any major issues as the charge time should only be a few hours. A 2A port would def be nice to speed up the charging, I dont see to many consumers being bothered by this.
Indicator Lights: The battery does come with a single indicator light on the button, and it changes colors from red t amber and to green to indicate status.  This LED power level indicatory is a bit cryptic but for the record its lights work as follows: Green LED: 70%-100%, Amber LED: 30%-70%, Red LED: 3%-30%, Red LED flashing: 0%-3%. This single led, while useful, does make it hard to really determine how much overall juice you are working with, I think 4 pinhole LEDs would have been a lot better in the design to give the consumer a better idea of capacity status.
Auto-on: This battery does feature Auto-on charging. This is a feature common on many portable batteries where it automatically starts to charge the device as soon as the USB port is plugged into the battery.  Some may prefer this, others may not, preferring to manually control the on/off state of the unit. While I like the Auto-On feature, this is a matter of personal choice.
Pass-thru Charging: This is a nice feature that allows the battery itself to be charged while also delivering a charge out to another device that is connected. There are numerous occasions when this feature can be helpful and none that i can thing of where its a hindrance. As with most premium batteries, this is another feature you can expect with the TYLE Energi 5K series devices.

Device Finish:

Energi 5K+The device comes in with in a single design with 3 color options, The main casing is a solid and durable injection molded plastic, the color band on each model is also a a durable plastic but a feels a bit softer. The entire casing should hold up very well in a purse or bag, and while not scratch proof, i would suspect it will handle most common contacts without any permanent markings.

The Built in cables are also plastic, but a much more flexible material to allow the needed movement. The cables both seem to be very well attached into the casing itself so it doesn’t seem likely they will easily get pulled out or the casing would slide exposing the internal wires.  The plastic head holding the Micro USB or Lightning conneciton is made of the same hard and durable plastic that makes up the whole outer shell of the device, making it not only durable, but ensuring it matched up and blends in well when the cables are stowed away. When closed up the black plastic cables blend in nicely with the overall casing, you can see some more details images in thegallery at the end of this article. Each connector also has a small lip allowing you to quickly pop it free for easy access.

Testing details and efficiency.

Energy5K+TestResultsThis battery rates well, in fact it rates above average for the ~5,000 mA class batteries. In a series of 8 tests the battery has an average output rating of 70%. As you can see this average was brought down a bit by a low test cycle. Many batteries in this class will end up performing closer to 60% so overall this battery does very well in the real world testing. I have completed testing of a comparable product by Limefuel, the Limeade Burst L50X2L (discontinued), and while the review hasn’t been posted yet, for comparison that unit averages only about 60%, and is also considered a premium device. While in fairness Limefuel has discontinued this product as its no longer noted on their site, you can still note that this battery does very well against the competition.

This means that you can, on average, expect to get about 3,656 mAh of actual juice from this 5,200 mAh battery. In its best test, 73%, You would get 3,761 mAh, and it’s lowest about 65% you can expect about 3,380 mAh, not a huge variance in actual capacity.

As with all my tests, i will convert this into terms that many end users can relate to. This device will only give your iPad (gen 2/3/4) almost a about 1/4-1/3 of a full charge if it’s totally dead, but as i noted previously this is really meant to supplement your phone or other smaller portable devices. You Galaxy S3 will get about 1.7 charges, Galaxy S4 will get about 1.4 charges. If you are an iPhone user your iPhone 5 can expect to get about 2.5 charges, and for the newer iPhone 5s/5c you can expect a bit over 2.3 full charges.


Overall TYLT continues its reputation of delivering high quality devices, the device in this review is one of many in the line up of TYLT’s portable batteries. If you are interested in this device you may want to also check out there larger 10K and 12K packs  and smaller 2K and 3K packs to make sure you get the one that best suites your needs.


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