RAVPower 10,400 mAh Power Bank $32.99

RAVPower 10,400 mAh Power Bank

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This battery pack, the RAVPower RP-BP07, is well suited for smartphone users, and while it will work at full speed on a tablet, many will likely be disappointed with the small effective output. On that note, this is a decent battery pack. Its efficiently rating is average, rating only 59% effeciency output on average over the course of testing. This is not bad, but not the best either. See the full review for more details on this.

Product Details
Battery Model: RP-PB07
Rated Capacity: 10,400 mAh
Output ports: 2 (1A/2.1A)
Input Port: 1 (1A)

Battery Features:

Ports: The battery sports 2 USB output ports rated at 1A and 2A (2.1A). In the newer batteries they are releasing them with 2 ports both rated for 2.4A and the battery puts out what is needed. The setup on this battery is good, and while the separate ports shows its age a bit, it still performs very nicely. It will charge all of your devices well. On the input side it is only rated at 1A where newer devices are now using 2A inputs. This just means you can expect this battery to take well over a half a day to charge (roughly 14-16 hours).
Indicator Lights: The battery does come with 4 nice indicator lights showing the % of battery charge, details match the description. The indicator stays off while the pack is charging a device which generally a good thing as it means no power is used for the LEDs and no extra heat is being generated. I noticed a flaky issue with my unit where for the last couple hours of charge the last led would blink but only 80 to 100 mA were being drawn by the battery. This problem causes the charge cycle to seem longer or it may be an issue with the circuitry.
Auto-on: This battery features Auto-on charging. This is a feature common that automatically starts to charge the device as soon as the USB port is plugged into the battery. Some may prefer this others may want to have to push the button to start, I think this is a matter of personal choice
Pass-Thru Charging: This is a nice feature that allows the battery itself to be charged while also delivering a charge out to another device that is connected, this battery pack has this feature and it’s a nice bonus.

Device Finish:
0SC-000Y-00034-01The devices comes with in two variations, a black gloss and white gloss finish. Both are slick looking finishes and overall they look quite nice, but it’s not my favorite kind of finish for practical use. These finishes can become slick/slippery, but on the other end they tend to avoid or at least high scratches better than matte finishes. As i have noted in other reviews, these glossy finsih can become slippery and attract fingerprints and smudges. These issues would be more noticeable on the black version than the white, but overall this should not be a contributing factor when choosing this battery as its not that big of a deal.



Testing details and efficiency.
RP-PB07_TestDataThis battery rates average. In a series of 8 controlled tests the battery has as average output rating of 59%. This means that you can, on average, expect to get a bit over 6,000 mAh of actual juice from it. In its best test, 62% you might get close to 6,400 mAh, and it’s lowest about 58% you can expect almost 6,000 mAh.

This means that you can expect this battery to give your iPad (gen 2/3/4 ~11,500 mAh) roughly half a charge if it’s totally dead. You Galaxy S3(2100) will get almost 3 charges, Galaxy S4(2600) will get just over 2 charges.

If you are an iPhone user your iPhone 5 (1440) can expect to get just over 4 charges, and for the newer iPhone 5s/5c (1560) you can expect just under 4 full charges.




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