EZOPower 5,200mAh Battery and Dock for Apple iPad $9.99

EZOPower 5,200mAh Battery and Dock for Apple iPad

  • Design
  • Effeciency
  • Durability
  • Convenience
  • Value

The device itself is nice if you want a decent stand up dock for your iDevice. It woks fine with the smart cover since but thicker cases may prevent it from seating properly. Some nice features are that is has “auto-on” so the iPad starts charging as soon as its docked, no need to press a button. It also has pass-thru charging allowing you to always keep the dock plugged in. it will charge the device and or the internal battery as needed. The main complaint is the battery itself. Being advertised for the iPad the 5200mAh battery is already pretty small. The iPad has an internal battery of over 11,500 mAh (3rd Gen).
The internal battery is proving to be about 60% efficient in my numerous controlled tests, showing that you get an effective output of about 3100mAh. This would get you roughly a 25% charge to a dead iPad

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